Hello and welcome to Casa Olivia, a homeware and interiors blog for creating beautiful spaces.

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homeware and interiors blog

Welcome to Casa Olivia

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Homeware and interiors blog

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Design inspiration and where to find it


Exploring the idea of how to embrace your own style and let it shine in a space you can call your own.

Casa Olivia hopes to be a hub of inspiration for all of those creative ideas and thoughts that pop in and out of our minds, that can sometimes get lost in the day to day of life.

I hope to share some creative inspiration and finds, which can range from all sources of inspiration and discoveries, whether it be from travel, fashion, design or just something that takes my eye on a Sunday afternoon family walk/adventure.

So whether you are looking for interior design ideas, interior inspiration, home décor ideas or just inspiration in general, I hope to be of some help.

I hope you join me on this creative journey to find inspiration everywhere and anywhere.

Find some moodboard inspiration here.

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