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How to choose the perfect rug – The Rug Edit

How to choose the perfect rug? Choosing a new rug can be a little overwhelming, with so many options from style, fabric, material and size I thought I would share the rug edit with you in case you are in need of some help on how to choose a rug for your room.


Top 5 tips How to choose a rug for your room.


1 Consider the room

The rug you choose will need to be suitable for the area you need it for. If you need a hallway rug you should consider a more hard-wearing option and it’s also worth checking on how easy it is to clean, considering hallways are one of the highest footfall areas in the house. If you need a new bedroom rug it’s unlikely to need to be as hardwearing as a hallway, kitchen or living room area.

2. Colour & Pattern

A rug can really bring a room together, so if you are redecorating the rug should be one of the first things you think about as it can really bring a whole scheme together. Think about pattern and style as you can really make a statement with your choice. If you are going for a fairly neutral colour palette on the walls perhaps you could bring some colour and texture in with your rug. Patterned rugs are also a great way of hiding spills and stains, a bit of a godsend if you have children or pets to think about.

3. Size

First make sure you get the right size for the room. If you go too small it can have an impact on how big or small the room looks, a rug should really define the area by setting a boundary for the space and ground the furniture in the room. Rugs can be expensive, so often it’s tempting to go for a smaller more affordable size but it is definitely worth having a hunt around for the right size at your budget. Keep reading as I have added some great buys below.

4. Shape

You don’t have to pick a rectangular rug, you could go for a circular style or misshapen rug for a more eclectic look.

5. Texture

Different materials work better in different areas so it’s worth thinking about the fibres of the rug i.e softness underfoot, is it hardwearing, is it easy to clean?




how to choose the perfect rug


Shop The Rug Edit Earthy tones

1. Mala Handwoven Rug , £45 – £125 from Dunelm

2. Stella Tufted Wool rug, £229 from

3. Vaserely Round Wool Rug, £349 from

4. Afaw BerberStyle Rug, £99 – £280 from laredoute

5. SKARRESÖ, Rug, high pile, £99 from Ikea




Colour block Rugs UK


Shop The Rug Edit Colour Block

1. Scape Rug , £80 – £160 from Next

2. Kastrup Rug, £320 from John Lewis

3. City Modern Geometric Circle Rug, £179 from The Rug Seller

4. Malay Wool Stripe Rug, Multi, £79 – £199 from

5.Tate Flatweave Runner, £25 from Habitat



how to choose the perfect rug

Shop The Rug Edit Floral

1. Rose & Peony Rugs 45005 in Cerise Pink by Sanderson, £485 from The Rug Seller

2. Ted Baker Tranquility Round Rug Beige, £339 from Ted Baker

3. Emmot Doormat, £5 from Dunelm

4. Reef Wool Floral Rug by Asiatic Rugs,  £120 – £310 from Next

5. Eloise Floral Rug, £75 – £125 from Dunelm

Hopefully this gives you some ideas on where to start on how to choose the perfect rug for your home.

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