Best home décor colour ideas
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Home decorating ideas and colour schemes

Looking for some colour inspiration for your home? Not sure where to start when it comes to home decorating ideas and colour schemes? Fear not we are here for a helping hand.

We have pulled together some of the best tried and tested colour combinations and home decorating colour scheme, that can work beautifully in your home.

With so many colour choices out there it can be really overwhelming, I can’t count the hours I have lost roaming the paint aisles at the DIY store.

So where to start?

Home decorating ideas

Before you head out to buy a shops worth of tester pots, have a little think about the space you are decorating and what colours you are personally and naturally drawn to, it is your home and needs to reflect your personality after all.

Try our top 5 tips on where to start when thinking about how to use interior paint colours in your home.

You could also think about finding out what your colour personality is. If you are unsure as I was you can find a go-to guide on your colour personality here.


So here are our top home decorating colour schemes to hopefully help and inspire you when it comes to redecorating your home interiors, happy scheming!


Nature features heavily in home décor inspiration, in particular when translating to home decorating colour schemes think of earthy tones, mushroom greys and fern inspired greens. Blend with neutral earthy tones like beige, white and natural stone coloured hues to create a nature-inspired harmonious colour scheme. To get the full nature-inspired look pair with natural wooden furniture and accessories.

Colour combination for living room


We have seen Pantones colour of the year 2019 living coral making several appearances over the year already, so how can you add a bit of coral to your life and home interior colour schemes:

Coral is a warm and nurturing colour so think about incorporating pops of Coral into your home décor to bring vibrancy and warmth to any room. Think soft furnishings like throws, cushions and blankets and small decorative accessories like vases, frames and coasters.

If you are feeling bold you could add a statement with a feature wall.

The beauty of Coral is that it works all year round with its warm and vibrant tones.

It can work as part of several colour schemes but it especially works beautifully with blue for a complementary colour scheme, reflecting colours of the ocean.

Colour schemes for decorating


Create a new mood for existing neutral rooms if you just want to switch things up a little without a full redecoration, add colourful accessories to bring warmth like burnt orange, warm terracotta and spiced honey that can easily be updated or changed when the feeling strikes. Think cushions, rugs, lighting and small homeware accessories to add a burst of warm colour to an otherwise neutral backdrop.

Feeling bolder? Add a touch of the Mediterranean to your home with terracotta walls. Choose a rich warm shade and compliment with warm tones like burnt orange, dusty pink and spiced honey or ochre, steer towards the naturally inspired pigment colours to really bring the look together.

Colour combination for living room


Add richness to your walls by using deep greens, bringing the outside in with inspiration taken from the outdoors and nature. Tones range from velvety dark greens to light and uplifting tones, all that can bring a restorative and calming feeling to any room. Mix with neutral tones and accessories to bring a sense of balance and to avoid it becoming too overwhelming.

Home decorating ideas


Bring a dramatic feel to any room by using darker moody tones. Depending on how bold you feel you can opt for a full feature wall or use accents of darker paint against a neutral backdrop to create points of interest and a balance of dark and light. Darker shades can also work beautifully in kitchens when painting kitchen cabinetry and will work especially well in rooms flooded with natural light.

colour schemes for bedrooms


Yellow inspired shades feature heavily in 2019 home decorating trends. Tones range widely from mustard, maize, honey and gold. All work beautifully in most settings, especially if going for a classic contemporary feel. Yellow has become ever popular due to its optimistic enhancing properties; bold yellows and oranges can be complemented with cool beiges and natural pink shades.

colour schemes for bathrooms


Certain tones of blue can create an elegant and regal feel to any area of your home whether it is the living or kitchen areas. Choose darker hues for a more moody and dramatic feel and for a calmer, more serene atmosphere pick a misty blue with a calming grey undertone.

colour schemes for living room


Pale pinks can offer a warmer tone to a neutral palette and they also work really well due to their compatibility with so many other shades. Works beautifully when paired with white or lemon yellow or pair with darker furniture and accessories to create a lovely tonal balance.