how to choose paint colours

How to choose paint colours for your home – Top 5 Tips

How to choose paint colours for your home

I might be alone in this, but every time I start thinking about redecorating a room in my house I head to various sources for inspiration and quickly become overwhelmed with “the latest colour trend” or “the must use colour this season”

Best home décor colour ideas

Home decorating ideas and colour schemes

Looking for some colour inspiration for your home? Not sure where to start when it comes to home decorating ideas and colour schemes? Fear not we are here for a helping hand.

We have pulled together some of the best tried and tested colour combinations and home decorating colour scheme, that can work beautifully in your home.

With so many colour choices out there it can be really overwhelming, I can’t count the hours I have lost roaming the paint aisles at the DIY store.

So where to start?

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