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Ever wondered what your colour personality is?

What Colour best describes your personality? Colour plays such an important part in how we feel about our surroundings and most importantly ourselves. So how can you use interior paint colours to suit your personality?

I have recently been researching and working on colour theory and was surprised to learn just how much there is to know about colours.

Colours can be broken down in to families and in particular in to seasons. Seasonal colours reflect each of the four seasons each with very distinctive styles and personalities.

So what season do you think you are? Read on to find out more about how our personality comes through in the colours we are drawn to.


Colour theory

Key words to describe a Spring personality:

Bubbly, bright, creative, youthful, simplicity.

Colours of Spring:

Warm tones, clear and delicate colours. Pastels and vibrant shades come together to form a spring palette.



Colour in your home

Key words to describe a Summer personality:

Organised, Calm, understated, elegant, and creative.

Colours of Summer:

Cool tones, subtle and delicate colours.



your colour personality

Key words to describe an Autumn personality:

Ambitious, authentic, enthusiastic, fiery and productive.

Colours of Autumn:

Warm tones, strong and subtle colours.



colour theory

Key words to describe a Winter personality:

Decisive, grounded, precise, strong and reliable

Colours of Winter:

Cool tones, clear and strong colours.


I hope you have found this post useful and maybe next time before choosing colour, your colour personality may pop into your mind. You can find more colour inspiration here.