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Casa Olivia is a small family run homeware business that has been years in the making, so we are thrilled to finally be here!

We are an Anglo – Italian family with a great love for all things to do with the home, family and travel, with a passion for creating unique homeware collections.

Home is quite literally where our hearts always are! We believe in well-loved homes that tell a wonderful and unique story through beautiful homeware accessories and décor.

With a love of all things Mediterranean we wanted to reflect the beauty and style of Mediterranean homes, which are full of bright colours, warm textures and stylish yet comfortable furnishings; a place of comfort where family and friends gather so effortlessly and spontaneously. To eat, drink and unwind in comfort but also in style.

Our hand-picked collections exude colour, character and quality, with items carefully sourced from Mediterranean countries such as Portugal, Italy and Spain, as well as central and northern European regions.

Sticking to our Anglo-Italian roots we wanted to showcase our Mediterranean style but also to create a small collection of simple yet beautiful handcrafted furniture and accessories, all of which are handmade in our UK workshop. The idea is that you can mix and match from each of our collections to truly add a unique touch to your home.

We hope that you’ll find something that you love that will add a little Mediterranean warmth to your living space.

Thank you for visiting and we hope that you love our unique homeware collections as much as we do!

Casa Olivia Homeware and Interiors
Casa Olivia Homeware and Interiors

Casa Olivia Homeware and Interiors


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